🎉 Ramin Nakisa, Founder & CEO of @PensionCraft  YouTube channel, is Stock Card CEO's guest this week. They talk about why you should not buy the dip, what to do if you were Cathie Wood, and played a buy, sell or hold game.


01:31 What is the story behind the PensionCraft YouTube channel?

08:27 Why should investors not "Buy the Dip"?

15:53 Is it a good time to buy the dip in Cathie Wood and ARK Invest ETFs?

18:47 What would you do with your portfolio if you were Cathie Wood?

21:58 What's the origin story behind the name PensionCraft?

24:02 What is one stock or ETF you would buy now in February 2022?

26:36 Buy, Sell, or Hold, NFTs, Metaverse, and Crypto?

29:16 Where can investors learn about and follow PensionCraft's content?


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👋 Ramin Nakisa is an investment coach and YouTuber, and founder of @PensionCraft, a community dedicated to learning the most effective investment methods. He worked in investment banking from 2001 to 2016. Before becoming a strategist, Ramin spent two years teaching finance in an investment bank, which he loved, and this helped him learn how to explain finance in a non-mathematical way. He has written two books about finance and investment: "A Financial Bestiary," which is meant for professional investors (fund managers and investment bank employees), and "Invest in Fear," which explains how to buy and sell volatility using exchange-traded products.


🎥 Watch Ramin's latest video where he shows how to use Stock Card's Screen to create a portfolio: https://youtu.be/ciKSDV6rZOA


🐦Follow PensionCraft:

-- YouTube: https://youtube.com/pensioncraft/

-- Website: https://pensioncraft.com/

-- Membership: https://patreon.com/pensioncraft/

-- Podcast: https://many-happy-returns.captivate.fm/listen


📚 Read Ramin Nakisa's books: 

-- A Financial Bestiary book by Ramin: https://www.amazon.com/Financial-Bestiary-Ramin-Charles-Nakisa/dp/0956663508

-- Invest in Fear book by Ramin: https://www.amazon.com/Invest-Fear-Ramin-Charles-Nakisa/dp/0956663516


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