This is an episode that we dissect the anatomy of a long-term investment using's case study. Most long-term investments share a few characteristics. Some are logical, and some are counter-intuitive. But, knowing what's common among the companies worthy of a spot in your long-term portfolio will help you avoid panic-selling when the stock market and the companies in your portfolio experience a price-fall. Talking about a stock price-fall, is such a company.

In this episode, we again have the pleasure of hosting Jeffrey Leichenger whom you may remember from the earlier episodes. We also appreciate Scott M. Wright, who is a long-time's customer and we found him on the company's Facebook page. He agreed to share his experience with's products and services. We also used the public video interview with's employee, Carlos, on the company's YouTube channel. Here is a detail list of the sources we used to produce this episode: 

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