November 1, 2018

Ep 5: The dark side of trading commission-free with Robinhood

This episode of Renegade Investors podcast is our Halloween edition. It's the day after the Halloween, and we put together a spooky episode with the help of our guest, Jeffrey Leichenger. He is one of the moderators of our Intelligent Stock Market Investors Facebook Group, and he shares the story of the dark side of trading commission-free with apps such as Robinhood. As usual, there are several aha moments in the conversation with Jeffrey that you don't want to miss. Hearing the real investing stories of fellow stock market investors helps all of us avoid mistakes and stay on course. If you are wondering, I've also played the Buy/Sell/Hold game with Jeffrey. Don't miss out! 

P.S., Apologies to Jeffrey for talking about his hobby of fantasy hockey at around minute 4:20 of the show, but calling it fantasy football. Not sure what my Canadian friends and family have to say about that! A Canadian mixing up hockey and football! Shame on me! ;)

The introduction to Robinhood and the conversation with Robinhood's co-founder is sourced from CNBC's YouTube channel:

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