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👋  Recently, I spoke with a few Stock Cardians who have been thrown off of their investing game with the latest price falls in the stock market. They are either thinking of selling everything they bought or have already taken the chopping knife to their portfolios and cut their losses, incurring significant actual losses in their portfolios. A few have told me that they are even thinking of quitting investing altogether.

I sympathize with and understand how it feels to lose money in the market. After all, no one is immune to the red arrows. However, what these fellow Stock Cardians are telling me signals the possibility of investors committing the cardinal sin of investing (#InvestingMistake). I took the camera and microphone out to record a new YouTube and Podcast episode to explain the cardinal sin of investing (#InvestorGap) and why it is happening. I also shared a few tips and tricks to help fellow Stock Cardians avoid committing such a damaging mistake.

  • Stop making the cardinal sin of investing
  • The divergence between institutional investors and retail investors in Feb 2022
  • What is the cardinal sin of investing?
  • What's the Investor Gap, and how is it created?
  • What to do if you are about to make the worst investing mistake of buying high and selling low, or if you have already done that?
  • What is the summary of this episode?

Thank you!



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