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🎥 We all live in the age of celebrity investors. YouTubers like Meet Kevin or Graham Stephan and fund managers like Cathie Wood have millions of followers. The question is whether these people are just good celebrities or were once lucky in picking good stocks or they are truly intelligent investors worth listening to and following. In this episode, Hoda Mehr, founder, and CEO of StockCard.io digs into the question and introduces a 3-part framework that helps you evaluate any investors and decide whether that is worth following and listening to.

  • Is Cathie Wood a genius investor or just lucky?
  • How to evaluate a celerity investor?
  • A three-part model to evaluate celebrity investors
  • Has she survived the past market crashes?
  • Does she have a golden touch or a good investment process?
  • Can the top five holdings of the ARKK ETF grow 50% per year?

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