🎉10-K Diver is Stock Card CEO's guest this week. They talk about why it's crucial to read 10-K documents, how to read 10-K documents, and how to dig into Home Depot's (#HD stock's 10-K) financial information.
02:53 What's the story behind the name 10-K Diver?
08:37 Why should every investor know how to read a 10-K document?
14:23 What is the single most crucial section of a 10-K document every investor should be able to read and understand?
19:54 Let's use Home Depot (HD) 's 10-K document as an example to learn more about how to read the financial section!
32:57 What is an example of a way companies fluff their 10-K documents?
35:55 Where can you follow and learn from 10-K Diver?
👋10-K Diver is a computer scientist. He has almost no formal training in finance and investing. But he's passionately curious about these subjects. And he's been following this curiosity for many years now — to learn investing from Warren Buffett's writings, several books on the subject, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. 10-K Diver's goal is to help as many people as possible learn the fundamental concepts of finance and investing — in a simple way without all the jargon. To that end, he has a Twitter account — @10kdiver — where he posts threads breaking down fundamental investing principles in simple language. He also has a social podcast via the Callin app, called Money Concepts. This is like an informal investing club, where people gather every Sunday at 1 pm ET to discuss all things investing, with the goal of helping each other become better investors.
Follow 10-K Diver on Twitter: @10kdiver
📚 Here's the book 10-K Diver used to come up with his Twitter handle: https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Store-Jeff-Bezos-Amazon-ebook/dp/B00BWQW73E
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