🎉 Sean Pence, We Are Investing YouTube Creator, is Stock Card CEO's guest this week. They talk about options trading, how to generate income from options trading, highway design for autonomous cars, and discuss why Uber is a great stock to buy now in Feb 2022.  


How do you design a highway for autonomous vehicles?

How did Sean Pence - We Are Investing YouTube Channel come about?

How can an individual investor use options trading for creating income?

How should we cope with the recent market crash and market volatility?

Is there still a chance AMC, GME, or other short stocks to have a short squeeze?

What is one example of a good dividend-paying stock?

What's a good short interest level for a stock to have the potential to short squeeze?

How do you pick a stock to sell options and generate income?

What's a good example of a stock to sell options on and how do you sell PUT options?

What is one stock to buy now in February 2022 and why?

Where can investors follow and watch Sean Pence - We Are Investings' content and stock 


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